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Market trends for yogurt fruit blend drinks


Date Published:1/2/2018 04:01:06 PM

New Technavio report analyzes trends in the global yogurt fruit blend drinks market

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A NEW report from Technavio examines the trends impacting the global market for yogurt fruit blend drinks, from 2017-2021.

The market research firm said stronger awareness about the health benefits of yogurt has spurred the growth of the yogurt fruit blend drinks market where Increasing demand for organic and gluten-free yogurt drinks; yogurt drinks with natural sweeteners; and seasonal flavors, have become the top three trends.

Increasing demand for organic and gluten-free yogurt drinks

Organic fruits and vegetables are not artificially ripened or sprayed with harmful pesticides and chemicals. Consumers have started becoming increasingly concerned about the composition of products and food safety. This has increased the demand for organic products across the globe. Stonyfield Farm is one of the leading vendors in the global organic yogurt blend drinks market. Other vendors have also started incorporating this trend into their products to provide them a natural and safe image as well as to distinguish their products in the market.

According to Manjunath Reddy, a lead analyst at Technavio for non-alcoholic beverages, “The consumption of gluten-free foods is due to the demand from people with celiac disease. Increase in the occurrence of digestive issues, obesity, and demand for nutritious food is expected to drive the market. The availability of gluten-free food products will increase the consumption from a specific customer segment of food-intolerant consumers.”

Yogurt drinks with natural sweeteners

The beverage market is being stirred into the path of health and wellness. Consumers are becoming particular about the composition of food and beverages, and are said to be reading product labels to get the correct information. They are more inclined to purchase products with natural sweeteners instead of the artificial sugar substitutes as they have several adverse effects on health.

Stevia is a plant-based natural sweetener that is becoming popular among the yogurt drink manufacturers. Brands such as Powerful have launched yogurt protein drink containing stevia, which is available in 4 flavors: vanilla, maple, chocolate, and blueberry. Similarly, Ultima Foods has launched yogurt drinks that contain stevia in lime, pear, and mango-passion fruit flavors.

Seasonal flavors

Yogurt drinks in the flavor of seasonal fruits is taking the market by storm. This trend will be seen in the yogurt fruit blend drinks as vendors will get the seasonal fruits at a much cheaper rate than the non-seasonal varieties of fruits. This will not only provide customers with the benefits of seasonal fruits but will create excitement among them to try a new flavor.

Companies with flavored yogurt products are Noosa (Cranberry apple flavour) and Chobani’s yogurt in watermelon and plum flavors. “The additional promotional activities will further increase the demand for seasonal yogurt blend fruit drinks. Launching these seasonal flavors will also help the vendors in understanding which flavors are most liked by consumers and they can start their regular production. This will also serve as a strong marketing strategy during a specific season,” says Manjunath.

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