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Outlook 2018: Robust demand for high-precision systems

Source:Plastics News Asia

Date Published:12/27/2017 05:12:35 PM

Mr. Stephen Chung, Exec. Director of The Chen Hsong Group, talks about the rising demand for efficient hydraulic systems
Strong demand for highly advanced injection molding systems will drive growth in this sector in 2018 and beyond. At this point, The Chen Hsong Group has long-time commitment to high-end research, technology development and application innovations. Since introducing China’s first “real” two-platen injection molding machine in 2007, Chen Hsong has since launched a number of “firsts” – the 4,500-ton, and then the 6,500-ton monsters, Asia’s largest. This innovative spirit will continue in the years to come.
Chen Hsong
Mr. Stephen Chung, Executive Director, The Chen Hsong Group
In 2018, a number of products from Chen Hsong are set to play vital role in the sector. For instance, the JETMASTER MK6 Servo Drive Injection Molding Machine is a product of the technology team’s continuous efforts, not only is the injection performance significantly enhanced, but also the machine is equipped with unparalleled stability. Ever since its release, the JETMASTER MK6 machine has received a lot of positive feedback from the customers.? This hydraulic injection molding machine combines high speed with high performance and superior precision to deliver unparalleled results. This machine is ideal for demanding applications such as multi-material overmolding, fast-cycle packaging, and precision components production.
Another important product is the SUPERMASTER Two-Platen Advanced Servo Drive Injection Molding Machine, which is the largest and most advanced in this sector. For instance, the tie-bar/ hydraulic connection design, which reduces stress concentration and improves product quality and precision, can effectively protect the molds. Moreover, its patented high-speed automatic mold-height adjustment and extremely fast clamp movements significantly shorten cycle time; and the unique patented inter-lock mechanism combines high speed and silent operation with extremely high precision and rock-solid stability.? This is ideal for the needs of automotive and household appliances manufacturers.??
High precision and efficiency will continue to be main factors in the injection molding sector and machines must be able to comply with these requirements. Chen Hsong has also embraced the Industry 4.0 trend as our machines can be integrated to meet the goals of smart manufacturing.??
The Chen Hsong Group?
Tel: +852 2665 3222

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