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Int'l Metalworking News for Asia
Int'l Metalworking News for Asia

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Issue: 2018-04

Leading things off in the features section of International Metalworking News for Asia April issue is an article on Y-axis parting in multi-task machines and turning centres. One of the manufacturing megatrends of the recent decades is to and minimise the number of machining set-ups required to produce a specific component. A unique aspect of the single set-up trend is adding ‘live tooling’, in other word rotating tools, to turning centres. Find out more in this issue’s Metal Cutting. Kennametal solves the age-long problem of tool stability when drilling in deep cavities, alongside tall shoulders, and past bulky fixtures. The company’s hydraulic chuck extensions provide integral through-the-tool coolant channels, promoting tool life and increasing penetration rates in all drilling and reaming applications. There are a few independent features in April, including designing an efficient process for checking dimensional accuracy of turbine and aero-engine blades. The MODUS metrology software allows off-line development of advanced programs directly from CAD, with simulation, collision detection and screen-checking functions of the probe path. This makes it possible to minimise machine downtime; the programs reach the machine ready for use and testing times are reduced to a minimum or eliminated altogether. In between is an article about the trends in pipe, forming and bending. Stefanie Flaeper, General Manager of transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH on how sensible is it to retrofit older pipe processing machine to make them suitable for 4.0; and in which areas is robotics producing faster processes. Also in this issue you'll find a wider range of sheet metal processing innovations. Bystronic significantly expanded its existing portfolio of technologies with new solutions for automation, warehouse integration, and digital networking. In addition to automated and networked solutions for sheet processing, the supplementary processing of tubes and profiles is an important step for many customers that allows them to position themselves more successfully on the market. We're always anxious to hear from you about each issue. What did you think of the articles and what topics do you feel might deserve more attention? Email me at

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