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Int'l Plastics News for Asia
Int'l Plastics News for Asia

北京赛车代理怎么做,我们推进供给侧结构性改革,一方面要加快淘汰落后产能、消化过剩产能;另一方面要推动传统动能、尤其是实体经济的转型升级。  这一年私募基金继续高歌猛进,但私募管理人发生了质的变化,同时备案私募产品数量突破4.5万只,百亿私募机构数量达到133家,行业进入快速、健康发展的轨迹。

Issue: 2018-2

PLASTINDIA is geared as a world-class event with its transfer to a state-of-the-art exhibition venue. For the first time, we carry a Special Supplement on this fast-growing trade event where we present the show’s highlights, the products on exhibit and exhibitors’ contact details. A mini-section on PLASTINDIA is also up on so you can get the latest news and coverage exhibition before, during and after the event.
High-pressure resin transfer molding has become a suitable option in the production of lightweight components and complex parts. New developments will see this process getting more sophisticated and more responsive to market requirements. Many innovative materials and processing technologies are being developed in the automotive industry and these are worth being recognized in the light of the leading trends in transportation. This issue presents the winners of the recent award-giving body and their valuable contributions to the automotive sector.

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