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Genius Machinery Co., Ltd.
Supplier Category: Plastics processing equipment, Extrusion, Granulator

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About Genius

Genius Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992. With over forty years of experience in manufacturing plastic recycling machine, we have dedicated ourselves in putting the innovations into practice to satisfy the needs of customers. We specialize in plastic recycling machinery, ranging from plastic pelletizer, plastic washing line, plastic crusher, plastic shredder and plastic recycling plant design and planning.

Our business strategy centers on sustainable growth and operation. Based on adept skills, we strive to develop, improve and innovate in our products, as well as utilize high-quality accessories to fulfill high–end demands.

Precision Manufacture

  • Machines are CE and UL certified
  • Quality strategy with ISO 9001:2015 quality management system
  • Experienced research and design team
  • Possess worldwide exclusively patents

Extreme quality
  • Adopt SIEMENS motor and ABB inverter
  • Raw materials from Japan and processed in Taiwan
  • Experienced & skilled engineers to ensure the quality of the machine

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Gosourcing Supplier Details

Supplier Details
Genius Machinery Co., Ltd.
Supplier: Genius Machinery Co., Ltd.
Contact name: Peter Tsai
Job title: Sales Manager
Website:  http://www.geniusplas.com/
Email: service@geniusplas.com
Phone: +886-4-26301621
Fax: +886-4-26301716
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Address: 43444, No.10-5, Tianzainei Ln., Sangang Rd., Longjing Dist., Taichung City , Taiwan

Supplier News

Genius Machinery's first appearance at IPF
Genius Machinery's first appearance at IPF

Publish on 11/28/2017 01:11:34 PM

IPF is being viewed by Genius Machinery as an excellent opportunity to expand its market.
Taiwan recycling expert shines in Russia
北京赛车代理怎么做 Taiwan recycling expert shines in Russia

Publish on 2/16/2017 04:02:14 AM

At the 20th International Trade Fair Plastics and Rubber In Moscow, Genius presented its Krieger Series plastic recycling machine. ?