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Ho Hsing Precision Industry Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Supplier Category: Plastics processing equipment, Blow molding, Extrusion, Film making, Pipe making
Ho Hsing Precision Industry Enterprise Co., Ltd. 本文来源:http://www.khlhn.com.cn/a/kdhd.ptbus.com/

北京赛车代理怎么做 www.khlhn.com.cn,凉拌百叶主料:350克、花生仁(生)50克调料:食盐1小勺、酱油1大勺、鸡精3克、1棵、细香葱2根、白醋1大勺、1大勺、白糖1大勺、辣椒粉1大勺、白胡椒粉1/2小勺、植物油3大勺做法(1)备好原料(2)牛肚用水冲洗干净,切成粗丝,用开水汆烫一下捞出,然后过冷水至凉(3)冷锅冷植物油(1大勺)放入花生米,用小火炒熟盛出放凉(4)花生仁凉透后剥去外皮,装入保鲜袋中,用擀面杖压碎备用(5)把牛肚从冷水里捞出沥干水分,装盘里,先加白醋拌匀静置5分钟(6)再加入花生米碎、熟芝麻、酱油、白糖、辣椒粉、白胡椒粉、盐、鸡精拌匀,最后撒上香菜末和香葱末、再淋入熟植物油(2大勺)拌匀即可百叶的注意事项适宜人群:一般人均可食用。【归经】入肺、胃、膀胱经。

Our company is specialized in designing and manufacturing the machining parts and our products are applied for rubber, plastic and chemical machine.

We provide custom-made service and assist customer to deal with the problem of the product design and finish.

We are major in extruder parts, co-rotating and counter-rotating twin screw, Nitride and bi-metallic screw and barrel, screw element, conical screw, mirror / silicon / sand-blast roller, die head, blown film die for 1/3/5/7 layers, gear pump, screen changer, die plate, rotary cutter, air ring and HIP PM-Steel.

100% quality is the most important beliefs of our company, established effective inspection system to ensure a€?zero defecta€?. We approved ISO9001:2000 international quality certification in 2005 and strictly ensured entire inspection from A to Z including raw material, manufacturing processes and final finished products.

In addition, wea€?ve equipped Mitsutoyo CMM (coordinate measuring machine) from Japan to meet the best quality management.

We established new plants in 2003, invested CNC machine tools, and developed CNC 4-axis machining software to ensure the quality in every process.

So far wea€?ve had three plants where No.1 factory is mainly fro gear hobbing and traditional machining; No. 2 factory is responsible for screw manufacturing with CNC 4-axis machining; and No. 3 factory is engaged in CNC horizontal milling and grinding for cylinder.
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Supplier Details
Ho Hsing Precision Industry Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Supplier: Ho Hsing Precision Industry Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Year established: 1987
Contact name: Fu Yuan Tsai
Job title: Vice General Manager
Website:  http://www.ho-hsing.com.tw
Email: hosing.com@msa.hinet.net
Phone: 886-6-253-0534
Fax: 886-6-242-2932
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Address: 7, Lane 263, Yanhe Street, Yungkang District,Tainan City 710, Taiwan
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Ho Hsing meets fast-changing demands
Ho Hsing meets fast-changing demands

Publish on 11/28/2017 04:11:53 PM

Mr. Fu Yuan Tsai of Ho Hsing said trends are fast-changing so its future strategy is toward precision manufacturing ?